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Mabe pearl set in hand made sterling silver mounting

Sterling Silver/14Kt Yellow Gold Pendant With Laboradite

Opal and Matrix Pendant set in Sterling Silver/14kt Yellow Gold

9 strand freshwater pearl necklace with sterling silver clasp


Oval threader earring with two 13mm oval hoops, one 14kt rose EcoGold and one blackened EcoSilver, interlocked on 14kt rose gold chain.  110 long.


Oasis two tone medallion earrings designed by Toby Pomeroy.  25mm EcoSilver, matte black and 12mm 14kt yellow matte EcoGold discs.  Burnished, 14kt yellow 40mm long gold chain and ear wires


Oval eclipse necklace designed by Toby Pomeroy.  Two oval links with black EcoSilver and three round 14kt rose EcoGold rings interlinked with 14kt rose gold chain.


Eclipse two-tone 5 link necklace designed by Toby Pomeroy.  It contains two 14kt yellow EcoGold linked w/three Blackened EcoSilver w/ 14kt yellow gold cable chain, 18″ length.


Oval eclipse two-tone chain, with matte and blackened silver oval links connected to a bright-finish 14kt gold ring and linked together with 14kt yellow gold chain.  24″ length


Oasis two tone medallion pendant designed by Toby Pomeroy.  12mm 14kt EcoGold & 24mm blackened EcoSilver, matte & burnished, on 18″ 14kt yellow gold chain


Sterling silver link bracelet designed by Charles Garnier


Sterling silver bracelet with black onyx accent designed by Charles Garnier


Sterling silver bracelet with onyx accents designed by Charles Garnier

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