Highlighting the center diamond alone, The Solitaire Engagement Ring will showcase any shape diamond beautifully. Though simple, this style can vary slightly in width. The Solitaire Engagement Ring allows for a lot of versatility when selecting a wedding band, as anything and everything will complement this timeless look.



Representing your past, present, and future, The Three Stone Engagement Ring is an elegant choice. This style features a center diamond complimented by two side stones. The Three Stone Engagement Ring can feature any combination of stone shapes and types, providing a wide variety of options and styles.



A seamless style, The Channel Set Engagement Ring features diamonds set into the mounting without prongs, revealing a contemporary and cohesive look. The Channel Set Engagement ring is beautiful and practical, especially for women who tend to be tough on their jewelry.



A sophisticated look, The Shared Prong Engagement Ring is distinguished by the diamonds in the mounting set into prongs shared by the neighboring diamond. This looks allows for fewer prongs and less metal covering each diamond, permitting more light return and sparkle.



Typically regarded as an antique style, The Pave Engagement Ring sets tiny diamonds into place with small beads of metal. The pave creates a very sparkly, glittering look commonly used along the shank, profile and prongs of the ring and even around the center diamond in the form of a halo. The Pave Engagement Ring is a stunning accent to any center diamond shape.


The Halo Engagement Ring is most noted for the ring of smaller diamonds framing the center diamond of the engagement ring. The halo engagement ring is an elegant look which also makes the center diamond appear larger. A diamond halo is an exceptional accent to any engagement ring and any shape center diamond.



In today’s jewelry industry, there are many different types of metals commonly used in manufacturing jewelry. It is important to understand the differences between each metal when choosing an engagement ring or wedding band. In a diverse market, the metal types are commonly split up into two families- the precious metal family and the alternative metal family. The precious metal family includes platinum, gold, and palladium and is most noted for its inherent value and durability. The most intrinsically valued of these metals is platinum.


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